Solutions to Poverty - From a Student's Perspective

The "Culture of Poverty" & Social Disintegration, a research project by Elena Delavega, PhD, MSW, University of Memphis, was presented to the Rotary Club of Memphis Central and subsequently introduced to Interactors at Manassas High School.  

In keeping with the District 6800, Family Youth Initiative Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), Rotarian Belinda Campbell, supported by the school principal, Dr. Williams and guidance counselor, Paula Tucker,  encouraged students to discuss and develop solutions to poverty from the student's perspective.  What long term impact, if any, does poverty have on short or long-term student achievement and/or thought processes?

While this project did not net a formal report, this project pushed students to discuss poverty and its impact on them.  Many of these student opinions ranged from "I do not see poverty" to "this is something that we have learned to live with."  When asked if poverty was impacting their life decisions, many responded" no" while a few responded "yes."  They did not have the money to attend college or pursue their dreams.