To Interact with Love



November 5, 2019

Students and guests were assembled on the scene

Excitement reverberated in the air

Primped and coiffed was everyone's hair

Garments too displayed both love and care.

A background color of black, 

Shadowed a slimmer and less flawed view from front to back

Students, this night, came out to shine

There to present their best and do just fine.

Interact Club hopes and dreams

Were capped Induction Night when on the scene

Well-Wishers assembled to celebrate them as a team..

None dared to disappoint

As each, in turn, with pin and certificate Advisers did anoint.

Refreshments followed to seal the honor

These Interact students pitched a good game, they hit a homer

Quite an affair with which was done up right.

Students showed up in all their glory

Here to shared with readers, their Induction Night story

In hopes that onlookers will fondly remember.

The historical happening in 2019 on the 5th of November.

Poem written and presented by Rotarian Patricia Milan-Shores to encourage and support the young leaders and members of the Manassas High School Interact Club.