And the winner is . . .

Rotarians Johnican Coleman and Leroy Dahler share $1473.00!!  

How exciting!  In its historical tradition, the Rotary Club of Memphis Central donated money to the Rotary Club of Memphis Central Foundation through its "Floyd Fund" contest.  Each week, Rotarians and guests of the Rotary Club of Memphis Central buy tickets for an opportunity to win the pot.  A portion of the proceeds are earned by members and the remainder is donated to the club's foundation. After about 48 weeks of waiting, it came down to this!  

With only three cards left, our illustrious President Johnican Coleman pulled a ticket.  Not only did she pull a ticket.  She pulled her own ticket.  (Uh, really?).  Wait!  There's more . . . 

Now, that she has pulled her own ticket, she earned the right to pick a card from the remaining three cards in the deck.  Praying and claiming (she cries), she rubbed her hands together and slowly pulled a card from the deck.  She bends over and screams - holding up the elusive Queen of Hearts!  

We all hollered in "fake" excitement, quietly moaning because it wasn't us.  But, no - Leroy wasn't agonizing.  They had an agreement!  If either one of them won, they would split the pot!  That, they did!!

Congratulations Rotarians Johnican Coleman and Leroy Dahler!  

We are excited for you both (for real)!  You guys rock!