Brian J. Stephens, CEO Caissa Public Strategy Speaks

MEET BRIAN J. STEPHENS CEO, Caissa Public Strategy 

Brian J. Stephens, CEO of Caissa Public Strategy, is an attorney, business strategist, crisis manager, keynote speaker, best-selling author and executive coach that helps employees develop strategies to grow their influence and navigate through change in the workplace. With a background in crisis management, Brian uses his unique gameology techniques to help your company survive crises and everyday battles in the workplace. His experience of leading clients through their day-to-day crises has allowed him to develop a one-of-a-kind skill set to navigate change, anticipate obstacles and win under any circumstance. Brian uses his own proven methods to mobilize public opinion, manage crises, build reputation and gain positive support for your mission. Having led over 100 campaigns, Brian is an expert at political and land use campaigns and grassroots organizing. From stopping strip joints to leading complex litigation and building support for products and causes, Brian is adept at influencing crowds to get you to the win. Brian’s foundation for strategy and intelligence-based action began at Marion Military Institute, where at the age of 19, he was named the Cadet Corps Commander of the entire student body. He later continued his service in the United States military. Brian’s aptitude led him to earn degrees in business, industrial psychology and military science, along with a law degree from the University of Tulsa. Brian also has the experience of being a business owner, knowing firsthand the pressures that owners face every day. Whether presenting in the boardroom or biking in the mountains, Brian is dedicated to advancing his clients’ interests and making sure they are equipped with the right information to make a win.