Featured Speaker: Reggie Crenshaw, Owner of Crenshaw and Associates Consulting Group (CACG)

Reggie Crenshaw has enjoyed a great life trying to live as a servant leader.  He believes that his purpose on earth is to be a catalyst for others to grow and growth starts by giving back.  Volunteerism was his first attempt to give back and it started at an early age as a Cub Scout and Boy Scout.  He volunteered at soup kitchens by feeding the hungry and at long-term care facilities by taking cerebral palsy patients bowling.  He also volunteered at church by assuming leadership roles such as youth superintendent for Sunday School.  Additionally, he volunteered at school assuming leadership roles in clubs and as class president. This focus on community was instrumental in his primary and secondary education years – Church, School, and Scouting were all areas that enriched his spirit of volunteerism.

Furthermore, in his 29 years of experience in the U.S. consumer services, financial services, and the U.S. Army, Reggie made it a point to be a person of purpose giving back his time to his community and mentoring others at his job. Reggie gives back roughly 200 hours a year in service to his community, church, and as an advisor and mentor to start-up businesses.  He is blessed that he learned these values from his mom and dad.

Reggie is a member of the Leadership Memphis Executive Class of 2011 – The Best Class Ever!  He has been involved with Leadership Memphis for 10 years as either a class participant, board member, or alumni.  He has served as a Board member, Vice Chair of Programs, Executive Committee member, Chair of Programs, Vice Chair of the Board, Chair of the Board, and Immediate Past Board Chair.  He was the 2013 Leadership Memphis Distinguished Alumnus Award Recipient and the 2017 Kate Gooch Leader of the Year Award Recipient.  We are excited to have him as the Interim CEO for Leadership Memphis.

Reggie Crenshaw is the Owner of Crenshaw and Associates Consulting Group (CACG) and a former C-suite executive with 29 years of experience in both leadership and hands-on execution.  He has worked with various world-class corporations, including General Electric, Ford Credit, Bank of America, Wells Fargo (formerly Wachovia), and ServiceMaster. Reggie has developed a solid track record of building systems and processes related to: Organizational Management, Operational Efficiency, Revenue Enhancement, Customer Impact Analysis, Process Management, and Strategic Initiative Road mapping. Over his corporate career, he delivered $367MM in annual expense reductions and $281MM in annual incremental revenue.

Reggie Crenshaw and CACG helps non-profits and for-profit businesses reach their growth objectives. Key focus areas are to help with strategic plans, transformation efforts, and earned income strategies. An inventory of completed work includes three due diligence efforts for private equity acquisitions, seven years of strategic planning and process work for non-profits, go-to market strategy developed for a Fortune 50 product launch in Brazil, revenue model developed to predict senior care market size by MSA, advisor for three healthcare start-ups, and customer experience assessment and improvement for multi-national healthcare client. He was recognized in 2015 as top vendor for multi-national healthcare client as well as convention keynote speaker in 2016 and 2017. Reggie is a change agent that focuses on the experience and the bottom line.

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