RCMC Welcomes Mr. Louis R. Vick, Mid-South Food Bank (MIFA)

I am very excited about sharing what we do and our Mission at the Mid-South Food Bank.  As I often state, its one of only two roles I have had in my life that I truly feel I am making a difference. . .  Louis R. Vick, Director of Agency Relations & Program Services, Mid-South Food Bank

Quick about me:  Born and Raised in Memphis.  Married 23 years, with 3 children.  Obtained a BS in Healthcare Administration from Tennessee State University and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.  Retired as an Air Force Captain after 20 years of service.  I am currently the District Director for the state of TN of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.  Before coming to the food Bank, I was a Sr. Vice President for 10 years with a large Healthcare company.  I am an Avid motorcycle rider (Harley guy), lover of pets, and an camper as often as is available.  I have a huge soft spot for the elderly, children, and any one that is in need.