what made me join rotary?

Feedback from Member Surveys, July 16, 2021

 "My mother was involved in Rotary since I was young, and I always enjoyed participating in the projects. So, I wanted to join.""

 "The good works that I was hearing from members of this group""

 "I wanted to join Rotary because it provides community service to both local and international communities.""

 "I joined Rotary because of the many service project opportunities. I have always loved being a humanitarian and Rotary gives me that!""

 "I had an opportunity to be a guest of the Rotary Club of Memphis Central in June 2021. I enjoyed the program, the people, and the information I heard.""

 "My best friend invited me, and the program to defeat polio.""

 "Networking in business""

 "Being invited to join a great group of people dedicated to making a difference.""

 "I wanted to join a group of like-minded and passionate people and enjoy giving back and volunteering. This is the group to be with to fulfill that!""

 I was invited by a friend. I was intrigued by the passion for serving and the sense of family in RCMC."